What will food be like in the future?

By Jasmijn Brouwer - Theme - 19 September 2023

To end the success of our last semester's theme 'Of the map', Intermania went to Antwerp. Of course, this trip did not only include drinking Belgian beers but also included an informative trip to the MAS. This museum had an exhibition called 'A la carte', which fits the 'of the map' theme perfectly. This article is based on that exhibition and focuses on the future of food. Will we go back to the old ways or innovate to a new normal? Let's include this semester's theme as well and go 'back to the future'!

Intermania's holiday tales of a summer past

By Intermania - Committees - 6 September 2023

In this article the Intermania committee welcomes you back to the University and the new academic year by sharing some of their holiday experiences

Off the map with the Intermania

By Intermania - Theme - 21 June 2023

Once everyone is finished with their exams, we can do whatever we want during the summer. The members of the Intermania will tell you a little bit about the places they are visiting this summer and why you should visit them too. There is something for everyone, as we have highlights for people that want to go to Europe, people who enjoy traveling further than Europe, and people who wish to stay in the Netherlands.

Aether's Nighttime Adventures

By Bestuur - Committees - 7 June 2023

Normally, boards tend to introduce themselves in their first Intermania article. The 40th board of Intermate decided to go in a completely different direction and have written a beautiful story for you.

Why the heck did I go to Iceland?

By Lotte van Dijck - Theme - 5 June 2023

Lotte went to Iceland for her international semester and is now reflecting on why she choose to go there and how her exchange was. While the courses were nice she will not go into detail about that in this article because that is something that we all know.

Hitchhiking Adventures: Tales from Eindhoven to Lyon

By Chat GPT - Columns - 31 May 2023

Hitchhiking is a unique and adventurous way to travel, offering unexpected encounters and unforgettable experiences. Join us as we delve into the captivating stories of a group of hitchhikers embarking on a journey from Eindhoven to Lyon. Along the way, they encountered a colorful cast of characters, each with their own quirks and peculiarities.

“The closer to the crotch, the dearer to the heart”

By Rens Vogels - Theme - 22 May 2023

Rens has been spending the past few months in Stockholm and in this article, he shares something about a peculiar Swedish tradition.

The Evolution of Maps

By Babette Rijpkema - Committees - 17 May 2023

As Intermates resident design committee, the PromoCie will take you on a journey through the history of the design of maps. In this article, Babette tells you everything you need to know about the earliest maps and how they were created.

Train ride of the year

By SmoBo - Committees - 8 May 2023

We are going to make a trip. Pack your suitcase, your broomstick and owl. I can hear your thoughts from here; broomstick? Owl? Yes, you have read this correctly, we are going to make a magical trip in the Hogwarts Express. We, the SmoBo committee, are your tour guides.

Mentally off the grid

By Julia Verbruggen - Columns - 10 May 2023

One thing I struggle with on a day-to-day basis is stopping my mind from flying all over the place. In the rush of switching between work, uni, friends, and family it is for me, and probably many others, a jumble of ever-fleeing thoughts. Going with the theme of this quartile, I attempted to take my mind off the grid and let it travel to a serene place.

Sander Schepers' Spectacular Social-media Support

By Sander Schepers - Committees - 3 May 2023

We all love to travel right? Because you can learn and see new things, enjoy the weather, try amazing food, or because “you want to find yourself”. Well, in reality, this is not true. The only reason to go traveling is to make the perfect Instagram picture. People can like those pictures and that is very cool. If you are a Gen Z you can also make a BeReal which is even cooler. The problem with those pictures is that you might have to travel far to make them. This can take a lot of time and it can also be costly. Although it is absolutely worth it to go to the other side of the world for some likes on social media, you can also stay closer to home! Therefore, in this article, the KiekCie presents the top 3 best places relatively nearby to make a picture that will definitely impress your friends and followers.

Intermania food crawl

By Morris Boers - Theme - 26 April 2023

On Sunday the 2nd of April, the intermania went on a tour around the world. To get to know each country a little bit better, we ordered their local dishes and beverages to get a taste of the culture. To give you, our lovely reader, a little taste of our journey, we wrote this article to give you the highlights of each country together with a detailed food review. Bon appetit!

Holidays with a drink

By Esther Mendel & Faye van Wijngaarden - Committees - 5 April 2023

Who better to talk about drinks than our very own Borrelcie? In this article, they will take you on a little trip through Europe and tell you what types of alcoholic beverages you can drink in those places.

Revisiting The Never Ending Dilemma: “to Klok or to Klus”

By Lars de Hamer - Committees - 28 March 2023

In this article, Lars revisits the infamous and everlasting dilemma: "to Klok or to Klus". Although an attempt at tackling this was already made two and a half years ago, he returns with new found wisdom and insights, determined to answer it once and for all.

Visievorming in de techniek

By D. Londema & E.M.M. Castelijn - 27 March 2023

Diverse techniek ondersteunt organisaties in het bereiken van ambities en doelstellingen. Een duidelijke visie op de inzet en verwachtingen van deze techniek helpt daarbij. Hoe kom je tot zo’n visie? En als die er is, wat ga je dan doen? Al jarenlang helpt advies- en ingenieursbureau Witteveen+Bos beheer-organisaties bij het opstellen van visies en plannen en het implementeren van veranderingen. Dit artikel is bedoelt als een business case voor het bedrijf Witteveen + Bos, het is dus niet een regulier artikel. Voel je vrij om het artikel te lezen ook al doe je niet mee aan de business case :)

ITEM goes abroad!

By Alain Starke & Mats de Ronde - People of Intermate - 22 March 2023

Two former intermate members, Alain Starke, and Mats de Ronde, tell about their international study and working experiences. Both are part of ITEM, the alumni association of all innovation science studies.

Equity is Key – Why International Women’s Day is still needed

By Manon van Hastenberg - Columns - 15 March 2023

Last week was International Women's Day, which was the ideal moment for our columnist Manon to write a new column about women's rights. This time, Manon talks about the importance of International Women's day.

Wonderful Week of Wintermate

By Jaron Englebert - Committees - 11 March 2023

In this article, Jaron details the amazing Wintermate trip some of the members went on two weeks ago. He shares the fantastic stories that happened both on, and off the slopes of Saalbach-Hinterglemm.

Where running and partying comes together

By interTEAM - Committees - 7 March 2023

Everybody be prepared… It is almost batavieren time again! InterTEAM will give you an overview of the route and the history behind the batavieren race.

Tosti's around the world

By Naud Janssen - Committees - 8 March 2023

Imagine a world where you would have tasteful lunches on other days in the week. This wouldn’t sound as beautiful as Tosti Tuesday, but in this article, Naud will give you a taste of what different tastebuds around the world would eat for lunch at different days in the week.

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