In 't Audt open activity

30 May 2023 17:30 - 22:00
By In 't Audt
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On the 30th of May In ‘t Audt will take you on a wild adventure through Eindhoven in which you will aim to solve a Dora themed mystery.🔎 Competing against other groups your aim will be to collect as many stars as possibe.🌟It will be an eventful as well as educational activity via which you will learn more about Eindhoven, In 't Audt and of course Dora! 👧🏽

Throughout the evening you will get dinner as you cycle to different locations in order to solve the mystery. Afterwards we will have a drink together during which you can share your experiences with the other explorers. 🍻All of this for around €5-€7,50! Subscribe now! 


In 't Audt🧡

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