Dutch Coding Company drink lecture

4 May 2022 16:00 - 17:00
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From native digital wellbeing tools on Android to dark UX patterns that Amazon uses to make you sign up to Amazon Prime. User Experience is everywhere. But what does user experience actually look like at a Digital product agency like Dutch Coding Company? In this talk, Martijn Imhoff will explain that and more. We'll dive into how his courses at the TU/e have helped him become a UX designer. We'll talk about the UX process and the daily work. He'll give examples of projects that he did and how UX played a role on those projects. You'll get a better overview of how the Digital Product industry works as a whole and if it is something for you.

To top it of: We have a challenge for you at the end of the talk. The exact challenge is a secret, but we can tell you this: the person who is able to finish it the fastest will win a present from the bar. 

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