Fourtress lunch lecture

7 October 2020 00:00 - 00:00
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IT company Fourtress will give a presentation about the following the topic: “Mobility as a Service”. Fourtress will talk about their two projects called TURNN and ZOOF. Mobility as a Service describes the booming demand for more personalised transport services. This movement if fueled by innovative new mobility service providers such as carpool and scooter-sharing systems. On the other hand, the trend is motivated by the anticipation of self-driving cars, which puts into question the economic benefit of owning a personal car over using on-demand car services. The TURNN app is your personal travel planner, with which you can plan your trip and reserve additional means of transport. For example, do you need a Greenwheels car or a sharing bike? The travel advice takes into account personal wishes and gives a tailor-made advice. Whether you want to travel cheaply or quickly, TURNN compares all possible means of transport. Besides, an important starting point is that TURNN considers the most sustainable travel option important, because sustainable travelling is the future. Secondly, the smart mobility app ZOOF provides driving advice based on your location and current traffic situation. For example, based on 4G communication, road users receive personal advice about the to be driven in order to relieve traffic congestions. To motivate road users to follow the advice, a reward system has been developed based on “gamification” technology. “Fourtress maakt software voor innovatieve technologie. De focus ligt hierbij op het verrijken van levens. Die van onze opdrachtgevers, de maatschappij én onze mensen. Zowel nu als in de toekomst. Wij geloven namelijk dat onze toekomst draait op technologie, maar wordt aangestuurd door mensen. Onze software oplossingen brengen ideeën tot leven. Wat je jezelf ook voorstelt, waar je ook mee komt, wij kunnen het voor je maken. Van idee naar prototype tot een werkend product. If you can imagine it, we can create it.” Interested? Subscribe down below! New members can subscribe via: * The workshop will be given via Microsoft Teams. When you subscribe, you will receive the link via outlook.

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