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Wintermate 2022

4 February 2022

Wintermate 2020

GM #180

19 October 2021

On Tuesday the 19th of October, General Meeting #180 of study association Intermate will take place.

Intermate Gala 2021

22 October 2021

Drink Schedule Q4! 2021

Hi member! Due to the corona measures in place, our lovely thursday drink unfortunately does not always fall on a thursday, and it located on different outside fields!

Therefore, we have provided you with a time schedule - so that you can already block all borrel timeslots in your busy,busy,busy agenda, and always be available for the drinks!

by Meie Kleijburg, 30 April 2021

DURA VERMEER traineeship

Dura Vermeer biedt twee mooie traineeships aan:



Meld je aan voor 2 mei, het Traineeship start op 1 september!

by Emma Urselmann, 29 April 2021

Career Day 2021

Attending Career Day is mandatory for all first year P&T and SI students!

29th of March, 9:30 ~ 15:30

Do you want to know what you can do with your bachelor P&T or SI? Or are you interested in your future career opportunities? Subscribe!

During this day, several companies and alumni will visit us and talk about the choice...

by Emma Urselmann, 15 March 2021

Op zoek naar een flexibele bijbaan? Of bijles of scriptiebegeleiding nodig? Ontvang korting!

Op zoek naar een flexibele bijbaan? Geef bijles! Registreer je via deze link als lesgever en Intermate zorgt ervoor dat je €20 extra betaald krijgt bij je eerste opdracht.

Bijles of scriptiebegeleiding nodig? Intermate's got your back! Vi...

by Emma Urselmann, 7 December 2020

Het Perfecte Plaatje: the jury's highlights- Round 4!

Now onto the first highlight of this round. This beautiful picture uses a creative angle, it has a good composition, beautiful color palette, and the way sharpness is used to create focus is ver...

by KiekCie, 20 May 2021

Vegetable garden at home

We have all been there: you would like to eat with your housemates at home, but it's nearly 5 pm and no one in the groups app sa...

by Babette Rijpkema, 25 May 2021

SAP BI Consultant – de rol van adviseur en ontwikkelaar in één

De belangrijkste motivatie voor mij om te werken als SAP BI Consultant is dat ik mensen in staat stel om hun werk nog beter te doen, dat is heel dankbaar werk. Bij Plainwater kwam ik terecht in ...

by Femke Straatman, 28 May 2021

'Met je gieter naar de sodemieter': The Highlights

Dear Intermaten!

As most of you know, some weeks ago we finally had the best weekend of the year: the alternative LiftCie activity took place! We couldn’t hitchhike but solved t...

by LiftCie, 4 June 2021

Introducing Neomeris

You are probably wondering where our name originated from. Neomeris is a Greek water-nymph. Furthermore, Neomeris is a type of a...

by Bestuur, 16 June 2021

The best of the Intermagic Beans Challenge!

Since we were all still in a lockdown at the beginning of the challenge, it all started at three pick-up points in Eindhoven. Participants could come by one of those poi...

by Marjolein van der Heijden, 2 July 2021

How to Gala

Hi there, Intermate member! 



by Melissa Baars and Bart Bronsgeest, 11 October 2021

New Website Reveal

Dear Members!

Together with the CIE++, the external company Rozenlicht, and the digital feedback group, the 37th board ‘Aurelia’ has been working on making this new site as great as it could possibly be! We want to thank these people for all their effort.


For you as a member, it is of course interesting to see how you can activate your account on this new site! On this day, you will have/had received an invitational mail from

by Meie Kleijburg, 12 October 2020

Lassie Accounts

Lassie Accounts!

Dear members!

In this announcement we request you to activate your Lassie accounts. Lassie is the payment system which we use during the Borrels!

Why do you need an activated account?

With the new website on its way, we need you to activate the accounts so that you can upgrade your Borrel credit (money on your card) online! Further more, your website account will be linked to this lassie account, so the ac...

by Emma Urselmann, 10 October 2020

Student Assistant Pool IE&IS

The department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences is starting a student assistant pool for excellent students. We are looking for ambitious Bachelor and Master students to fulfil different student assistant roles. The student assistantships range from course related roles to input of data to general support for education or research for the department.

Who we are looking for:

Students (IE&IS) with an intrinsic motivation and good to excellent grades...
10 September 2020

Intermate is the study association of the bachelor Technical Innovation Sciences, the majors Sustainable Innovation and Psychology & Technology and the masters Human Technology Interaction and Innovation Sciences.


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